Hello :)

My name is Daniella (known often as simply 'Ella' because, let's be honest, eight letters makes it a long name), and I am a law student. I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Arts/Law (BA/LLB(Hon)) degree and I love to study. Well. Most of the time, anyway. 

I'm passionate about getting the most out of every experience, including university. I love to learn new things, master new skills and fill my mind with knowledge. I guess that makes me a nerd, but I'm okay with it. 

A person, however, is more than merely a student. I am passionate about many things, the most important of which is Christ Jesus. My Christian faith shapes my whole life - every decision I make - and provides me with hope and assurance beyond what this world is capable of offering, whether in the field of arts, academia, entertainment or relationships. I love to read and write, sing, make music, take photos, organise and clean everything and build meaningful relationships with people. I am obsessed with fairy lights and collecting stationery... My ideal day would probably be one with a fireplace, a good book, a mug of hot chocolate, candles, quiet music and all the time in the world. Strangely, however, I am also an adreneline junky who loves the thrill of rollercoasters and meeting a deadline. I also tend to be a perfectionist. But I'm working on it. 

My busy weeks consist of university classes, studying, church, co-ordinating youth group, organising church music, teaching swimming, working at a law firm and catching up with friends. I find I work best when I am busy. 

There's something about blogging that attracts me to it, and I can't always find the words to describe exactly what it is. I suppose it's meant to be theraputic to some degree, and a creative outlet that my brain desperately needs after a long week of law school reading. This blog, however, is also for you. Perhaps, in all my years of uni, you will be able to learn from my mistakes, or I will be able to motivate you to continue working hard. I hope that this blog finds a community of like-minded readers who are passionate about uni and law and finding the true truth in a world that constantly denies it's existence (or tries to shut those speaking truth down).

Again, the "about" page is hardly the place to get into such topics.

Regardless, I hope that gives you a snapshot of the writer behind the posts! Please enjoy this blog - use the printables, laugh at my mistakes with me, consider the random philosophical thoughts I sometimes put out there. Oh, and if you haven't already, go to law school ;) 


Why Study Law?

There's a chance that you, dear reader, are considering studying law in the future. If you aren't sold on it, let me convince you. 
I graduated year 12 with little direction and a hefty ATAR (Australian Teritary Access Rank). It was while watching a TV show ("Suits") with a friend that the thought crossed my mind - I could be a lawyer.
So I enrolled in law school with no expectations, no idea whether I would continue, and soon discovered... I loved everything about it.
Studying law is hard. Sometimes gruelling. Often tedious. It's nothing like "Suits" or any other legal drama (lol). And I constantly fail to make it through the mountains of reading I am supposed to have done. But it is so worth it. 
Law is a very rewarding field for those who love problem solving and have excellent skills in writing and public speaking. It leads to many careers (not all law students become lawyers!) and teaches you skills that are completely invaluable in every aspect of life. It causes you to think creatively, communicate clearly, and it has certainly shown me that Australia is an excellent country. 
It may well have the highest drop out rate at Universities across Australia, but I've never looked back. 
Not sure if you should study law? 
Nike. Just Do It.