All about this blog
​and the writer behind it.



My name is Daniella, and I am a law student. I'm in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts/Law (BA/LLB(Hons)) degree, studying in the beautiful capital of Australia. 

I love to study, and am passionate about finding ways to be a smarter, wiser and more effective student. Learning new things, mastering new skills, and filling my mind with knowledge motivates me. 

A person, however, is more than merely a student. I am passionate about many things, the most important of which is Christ Jesus. My Christian faith shapes my whole life - every decision I make - and provides me with hope and assurance beyond what this world is capable of offering, whether in the field of arts, academia, entertainment or relationships. 

I love to read and write, sing, make music, take photos, organise and clean everything, and build meaningful relationships with people. I have a bit of an unhealthy addiction to stationery, although I successfully shook my caffine addiction long ago. I tend to be a bit of perfectionist, and am led to believe I had a legalistic predisposition from a young age (no surprise that I ended up where I am today, then!). 



This blog was born out of two things: a love for writing and a love for photography. 

These two creative passions and outlets of mine festered throughout my years of high school and, while I dabbled in the occassional article, I was missing one key ingredient: my muse. In many respects, this is what the study of law became to me. It was something I instantly fell in love with, and wanted to talk about, and wanted to explore more. And it was something I wanted to help other people discover, learn about, and love. 

I wanted to document my time at university, and to share my struggles and mistakes and joys. I wanted to connect students (and non-students) who were passionate about being better learners, and motivate them to work hard. I wanted (and continue to want more than ever) to introduce switched-on intellectuals to the concept of objective truth and the assurance and certainty and hope that comes with finding it. I wanted them to see the implications truth has on law and society and the world. 

And so I write. There's something remarkably theraputic about doing so; and in many ways it has become the creative outlet my brain desperately needs after a long week of law school readings. But most importantly, this blog is for you. 

It is for you to enjoy, to lose yourself in, to read, to learn from, to be inspired by, to be challenged by. I can only hope that it accomplishes such things! 



I never set out to study law. 

I graduated year 12 with little direction and a hefty ATAR (Australian Teritary Access Rank). It was (embarrassingly) while watching a TV show ("Suits") with a friend that the thought first crossed my mind - I could be a lawyer. So I enrolled in law school with no expectations, no idea whether I would continue, and soon discovered... I loved everything about it. 

Studying law is hard. Sometimes gruelling. Often tedious. Occassionally dry. It's nothing like "Suits" or any other Hollywood legal drama, and frankly it's not nearly as glamorous as it may sound. It is four or five years of humbling experiences, complete with the almost-constant guilt of having not completed the mountains of reading you are supposed to have done. But it is worth it. 

Law is a very rewarding field for those who love problem solving and have excellent skills in writing, public speaking, and thinking supremely rationally. It leads to a multitude of careers (not all law students become lawyers) and teaches you skills that are completely invaluable in every aspect of life. It causes you to think creatively, communicate clearly, and it has certainly made me appreciative of the Australian system of government and law. 

It may well have the highest drop out rate at Universities across Australia, but I've never looked back. The snap decision I made to apply for law school, while arising from questionable motives and a flippant attitude (two things which are very uncharacteristic of me), was the best one I ever made.